Protocol Stats

Exchange ratio



  • The Game State

    • Explanation of game state parameters: (Reserves, Supply)
      Reserves: Number of $NOEL coins in the reserve
      Supply: Supply of $NOEL tokens
    • Pricing model for $NOEL : Determined by the formula Reserves/Supply.


    • Player Actions & Rules

      • Action 1 – Hodl: Players deposit $NOEL coins into the reserve and receive $HodlNOEL tokens in return.
      • Action 2 – Un-hodl: Players give back $HodlNOEL tokens and receive $NOEL coins in return, less a fee (Analyzed below).
      • Initial game conditions: Reserves = 1 $NOEL and Supply = 1 $HodlNOEL, ensuring the price of a $HodlNOEL starts at 1.
    • Benefits of HodlNOEL & Fee structure

      • Long-term investment encouragement
      • Stable growth: The price of $HodlNOEL will NEVER decrease, providing a solid investment opportunity.
      • Contribution to the community: Fees from early un-hodlers will contribute to the common reserve, benefiting all $HodlNOEL holders.
      • The protocol fee has been set at 10%. The distribution is as follows: 8% goes to the protocol reserves, 2% goes to the team for project development.